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Stop Bullying: Both Student & Workplace (EEOC)

Bullying is a growing concern among educators. The AFT has taken steps to provide training and materials for school employees to better address and stop student bullying. In addition, we have materials available for employees to stop workplace bullying as it may pertain to a co-worker, supervisor, or employer.

Texas Safe Schools Act

How do I remove a violent child from my classroom?  What do I do with a child who is disrupting learning for other children in my classroom?

Ethical Conduct Towards Students

The Educator Code of Conduct provides rules of conduct for Texas school district employees. This section includes the Code of Conduct for Ethical Conduct Toward Students.

Ethical Conduct Toward Professional Colleagues

School employees can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. The code of conduct outlines the standards by which employees can expect to be treated and how they must treat their colleagues.

Planning & Prep Time (Conference Time)

A question that is faced by our members at all times of the year are the rules governing preparation and planning periods. Frequently administrators seek to use prep periods to gain flexibility in special programs and during test administration.