Candidate FYI: May 2011 School Board Candidate Response

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Leaders and activists of our federation, the Spring Branch American Federation of Teachers (AFT), understand how important local school board races are. The people who serve as school board members are charged with the responsibility of maintaining policies and regulations for the district while making overall operating decisions. These decisions include hiring/firing staff, setting the goals for our district, and adopting budgets and financial plans.

On May 14, voters in Spring Branch ISD will have an opportunity to elect candidates to serve a new term. The purpose of our Candidate FYI is to help introduce you to the candidates who are seeking to fill one of the two open board positions.

Spring Branch AFT has chosen to stay neutral in this election and has not endorsed any candidate. In addition, Spring Branch AFT has made no financial contribution to either candidate. Candidates were provided a copy of our candidate questionnaire and were asked to return it to us by April 22.

Please take a few minutes to examine the responses to some important issues affecting our district. We hope this guide will help you make a decision or at least learn more about the people who will be representing SBISD in the future.

Click on the link below to download our 2011 Candidate FYI (PDF).

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