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2017-2019 SBAFT Officers

Craig Adams - President  cadams@springbranchaft.org

Victoria Beard - Vice President

Kandi Bartling-Secretary

Lucia Guillen - At-Large Member

Angelique Moulton - At-Large Member

Chris Rice -At-Large Member


Craig Adams, president
Ken Jones, vice president
Karen Donathen, treasurer
Noel Flynn, secretary
Beverly Bradley, member
Denny Dial, member
Lora Ringler, member - See more at: http://springbranch.tx.aft.org/news/spring-branch-aft-members-vote-charter#sthash.Q5WEE6Ne.dpuf

Budget Committee

The Spring Branch AFT Budget Committee will meet regularly to advise and support the Organizing Committee regarding the overall finances of the local association. The committee will:

  1. Assist the Secretary-Treasurer with the development of an annual budget;
  2. Outline specific budgetary allocations for current and future programming needs based upon the association’s organizing plan’s objectives;
  3. Perform and annual audit of the accounting records to provide transparency and accountability to the membership; and
  4. Recommend to the Organizing Committee a needs assessment of the association’s finances as they related to becoming a fully-chartered local affiliate.

Committee on Political Education (COPE)

The Spring Branch AFT Committee on Political Education (COPE) will meet regularly to advise and support the Organizing Committee on local and statewide political activities related to public education. The committee will:

  1. Maintain a regular accounting of COPE funds provided on a voluntary basis by members;
  2. Promote the benefits of COPE contributions to the general membership;
  3. Assess members’ interests to recommend political positions to the Organizing Committee;
  4. Promote opportunities for member engagement by planning events and other educational materials related to political interests; and
  5. Recommend new ways for the association to engage community members and other organizations to build community coalitions.

Events and Special Programs Committee

The Spring Branch AFT Events and Special Programs Committee will meet regularly to advise and support the Organizing Committee to provide consistent event planning and programming relevant to the needs of the membership. The committee will:

  1. Assess members to identify members’ interests regarding professional development opportunities and other areas of interest;
  2. Recommend an “Events” calendar each semester to the Organizing Committee outlining regular monthly activities;
  3. Plan and prepare events and trainings to engage members while promoting the benefits of AFT resources to district employees overall; and
  4. Oversee special programs related to member benefits and member involvement in the local association.

Professional Issues Committee

The Spring Branch AFT Professional Issues Committee will meet regularly to advise and support the Organizing Committee to address issues of interest of the membership. The committee will focus on the following:

  1. Address issues specific to specialty areas of public education and classroom instruction;
  2. Address issues related to any particular campus and/or job classification (i.e. teachers, nurses, support personnel, etc.);
  3. Address issues of local importance impacting educators in the district, across the state/nation, and to engage the community on relevant topics;
  4. Provide “early identification” for emerging issues by creating consistent member assessments/surveys to provide timely responses to identified issues; and
  5. Assist the Organizing Committee in formulating relevant issue advocacy campaigns for greater employee interaction and education.